3W Aloe Vera & Snail Soothing Gel


With 2 Variants: Aloe Vera & Snail soothing gel

The excellent performance of 3W CLINIC 100% Snail mucus

Soothing extracts of snail mucus is rich in protein, vitamins and calcium. This product works regenerate skin, whiten skin, smooth toned and tight skin, giving you a healthy youthful skin. Snail Gel to reduce the freckles, pigmentation spots, acne, wrinkles on the face, or even the disappearance of the skin cracks in women due process of bringing pregnancy leave, stretch marks due to sudden weight gain, or age spots all over the body. It also use to replaced all kinds of daily face cream for ladies


  1. Resist the harmful effects of sun
  1. To soothe dry skin due to dehydration – Additional moisture balance
  1. Repair of skin condition – freckles, filling wrinkles, and cracks
  1. Provide nutrient for skin regeneration
  1. Brighten skin texture
  1. Rejuvenation of skin cells