3W Foam Cleansing

Face Wash From 3W with 4 variants: 1. Q10 Coenzyme Contained coenzyme Q10 ingredient penetrates deep into pores and soft voluptuous foam removes waste and makeup residues. 2. Snail   A mild feeling foam cleanser of snail slime ultrafiltrate removes old dead skin cells and keeps your skin clear and bright. 3.Green tea Green tea […]


3W Aloe Vera & Snail Soothing Gel

Description: With 2 Variants: Aloe Vera & Snail soothing gel The excellent performance of 3W CLINIC 100% Snail mucus Soothing extracts of snail mucus is rich in protein, vitamins and calcium. This product works regenerate skin, whiten skin, smooth toned and tight skin, giving you a healthy youthful skin. Snail Gel to reduce the freckles, pigmentation spots, acne, […]