Lip Tint Girls

Lighten the color of your lips , and make it more healthy! There are 4 different variant to suit your needs : 1.BERRY GIRL Moisturize and nourish lips 2.CHERRY GIRL nourish and brighten the color of lips 3.PEACH GIRL makes the lips look healthy natural and nourishing 4.BEIGE GIRL prevent chapped lips and nourishes the […]


VOV Lip Tint Tell Me Your Wish

Has a sweet and light color. moisturize and soften your lips Flavors : 1 ) Cherry Rabbit 2 ) Strawberry Rabbit 3 ) Coral Rabbit 4 ) Purple Rabbit


VOV Lip Care Balm

make your lips shiny and healthy from dry lips . 4 variant types : 1.Strawberry 2.Cherry 3.Orange 4.Juice puffy 5.Olive


Ball On Cheek



Baby Cheek

Description: VOV Baby Made from the best powder, so that it can survive for a long time. Is also able to provide the color you want on the cheek area , well away from dry skin There are 4 different colors Variants: 1.Baby pink 2.Baby orange 3.Baby strawberry 4.Pop Orange