Flawless pure bright skin Powerful Whitening Effect 1.Whitening+ White pearl effect & pearl powder whitening care 2.densed vitamin capsule’ powerful moisturizing effect 3. soothing & improving  skin elasticity  


Secret Key Starting Treatment Essence

liquid type essence containing yeast fermented extract, Restore rhythm of the  skin, make moist and clear skin. galactomyces with double functionality in whitening and anti-wrinkle!


Snail Repairing eye Cream

  Snail mucus and EGF ingredient helps skin elasticity and increase moisturising power to create healthy skin. Creates elastic and vibrant skin around eyes as it absorbs quickly into sensitive eye area. Contains Mucin Mucin is an ingredient of snail mucous which keeps moisture of the skin and protects the skin from harmful materials, and […]

snail +EGF

New Snail+EGF Repairing Gel Cream 50g

Effect: 1.relieves skin trouble: Snail mucus and rh EGF component help skin trouble and make the skin supple 2.healthy and elastic skin : white fungus  extract which was used by Yang Gui Fei to keep her beauty had been included and this will keep your skin healthy and elastically. 3. Hydration and skin protection: Placenta […]