Daily Fresh Mask Mini


Can whiten and suppress the excessive production of melanin, making the skin radiant and healthy, with the content of natural anti-oxidants, keep skin youthful, and also can clean the clogged pores.

There are 10 types of mini VOV with the benefit that is different.
1. 17 Cereals = Brighten and provide nutrients (for se-mua skin types)
2. Apple AHA Peeling (PEEL OFF) = Makes your skin glow with apple cider (for combination / sensitive skin)
3. multi vita Egg (PEEL OFF) = Reduce and prevent acne from breaking (for oily skin)
4. Honey Lemon = Reduces pore size significantly, providing moisturizing for dull complexion (for
all skin types)
5. Mixxed berry = replace dead skin cells, making the skin firmer (to se all the types of skin)
6. Vulcanic Powder = to reduce dry skin (for dry skin)
7. Seaweed collagen = reduce the oil residue (for oily skin)
8. Cool Aloe = provide moisture, cooling and calming redness (to se all the types of skin)
9. Greentea collagen = to relax stressed skin, reduces wrinkles and soothing (to se all the types of skin)

VOV GEL wash off : 17cereals , Honey lemon , mixed berry lifting , volcanic powder , seaweed collagen , aloe soothing, green tea collagen 
VOV GEL Peel Off : Apple AHA peels, egg multi vita