Mash Peach Tree Shampoo

Function: Hair Growth + Strengthen Hair + Treat Dandruff
Peach extract mysterious number and samchilroot (Patent Application No. 10-2010-0095764) to contain Superior to strengthen the roots of chronic dandruff, dandruff and scalp care is effective if the roots is weak.
Step1 Scalp: Peach tree System: WHITECOSPHAM State Research Institute herbal extract a number of proprietary herbal gingko biloba, Chaga, gold, baekchul peony, peach extract active ingredients from branch is excellent for dandruff. More healthy and vibrant hair and damaged hair, even though it is more effective representation.

Direction: Sufficient amount of water content, wet hair, hand hair, and relieve As the bubbles gently massage the scalp incision sufficiently shows Rinse with warm water.

Made in Korea